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08 Jan


We make it Secure for You!

Security as a service is a process where you outsourced the company’s security practices. It is a business model in which a company that is providing you this service integrates its security services into the corporate infrastructure.
These services are provided to protect data from online threats and attacks, which are searching to access your system in order to harm and infect it. Typically, Security as a Service involves the integration of applications such as anti-spam software, anti-virus software, security firewalls, and other disaster protection software.
Security service is a growing industry and people do look for a good third-party service provider for software and applications on which they can rely and who can provide them a remarkable work.
Security as service has made it easier, faster and affordable for companies to get their IT related requirements contented without any hassle but still, it is a problem for most of the companies to look for a better security service company, IT managed solutions make it easy for you as we have experience and skills to do this business for your business. We provide the following security services in order to make a business secure for you.


Anti-spam software protects your system from harmful malware that could damage your whole network and crash your data. Therefore, it is needed to have anti-spam software for your organization. What does it do? It keeps a check on outbound and inbound emails in order to pass only those emails which are authorized and of course malware-free. The best anti-spam software is the one that keeps your data private and blocks 100% of the emails which the company does not need to receive and it is only possible when you have the best anti-spam software provider.
Anti-spam software can be customized to your requirement and approve emails which you want to receive and send. The main purpose of having an anti-spam software is that it removes malware and infected emails which could crash your whole system. Maximum anti-spam software detects and deletes spam emails before they reach your inbox.


A Firewall is a software system that helps businesses to evade unapproved access to a private network. Security has become a serious issue these days in any business because it is important to protect the data against the hackers who are continuously targeting to harm your system and advanced firewall acts as a barricade between your private network and the internet. The massages which go out and comes into your network, firewall examine, check and prevent (if it is unauthorized) or give access (if it is not harmful to the system) to them.
There are two types of firewalls, hardware & software but the ideal formation will consist of both. You can choose between software and hardware firewalls or choose to install both for added security. It gives businesses limited access to your computer and network.
Working with a software firewall is the same but it works without any physical unit. You can protect your data through a software firewall, you just have to download the software and configure it, which will analyze the data which to pass and which to prevent.
But as compared to the software firewall, a hardware firewall has the physical access between your company’s computers and the network. Here we have the best example which is available almost in every office, institute, and home which is Cable/DSL router.


In this Advanced World where everybody is busy on the internet, when someone visits you at your home or office they are going to ask you ‘’What Is WIFI password?’’ And whether you run a hotel, coffee shop or retail outlet, the customer will expect internet access from you. But you don’t know to reveal this information could bring risk to your business.
It is good to be a hospitable host but the company should also know how to secure the risk which could come from sharing such information. Your guest can accidentally download a malicious program or could connect phone or laptop which has a virus in it and that can spread to your network.
IT Managed Solutions make it possible to be a hospitable host and safe at the same time. We provide you guest Wi-Fi network which will be a separate access point on your router. Your home or office device will be connected to one network and the guest network will be separate from which the guest can access the internet and you will have a secure connection. Isn’t it great?


It secures your network, it secures your business, and it makes customers happy.
By having a guest WIFI Organization can check & control who is accessing your company’s computer networks, servers, printers, storage appliances, and other resources.
Protect your company’s primary network from evil eyes and risks.
Reduce the risk of your devices from getting a virus or malware-infected.
A guest WIFI login helps you secure your business.
By having Guest WIFI you can secure your network and can also make your customers happy.
If clients and employees need to work onsite, guest WIFI helps to keep their devices off your business network and your main network will be risk-free.
It builds customer relationships with the business because there may be times when a customer needs to connect to the network to get some document or any other data and a guest WIFI allow them to do it securely.
It is needed sometimes to give your WIFI password to the customers and guests, by having guest WIFI you can prevent this risk and can also fulfill their requirements.


To have an anti-Virus software for your device is very important and when it comes to the big organization then you should be careful not to take such risks. It is important for companies to have anti-virus software installed in their computer systems because a computer without antivirus software can be infected within minutes of connecting to the internet. Viruses are not going to stop they will keep on targeting your system and damage it, Now the companies which are providing antivirus software have to update their detection tools regularly to deal with the more than 60,000 new pieces of malware created daily.
Viruses are very risky for your system as is can because serious damage to your device, prevent an operator from accessing data, or take control of your computer.


You don’t want to disturb your business flow, right? Then a disaster recovery plan is a must-have for your business. A disaster recovery plan is a step-by-step plan that will make sure your business will be protected against some serious danger and minimize the influence of disaster for the continuity of the organization’s operations.
In disaster recovery plans, some specialized people do the analysis of business processes and continuity needs then generate a strategy to implement for the better flow of your business operations. The strategy should start at the business level and determine which applications are most important to running the organization.
A good disaster recovery plan analysis includes;
Business impact analysis (BIA)
Risk analysis (RA)
Recovery time objective (RTO)
Recovery point objective (RPO)


Companies don’t just need security precautions for their business to protect their data, they will also need to regularly back up their essential and useful data because any disaster could attack your system and you definitely don’t want to start all over, just restore your data from a previous back up.
It is necessary for companies to always back up your data, that way they can prevent data loss if anything unluckily happens to your system, your computer could get infected with the virus or hackers could also access your system and hack your data.
Let’s take an example of your website; developing a website takes much time and effort. Now if you have made it and it’s in running condition where you have data about your product or service, your employees’ data and could be your financial record. This effort only multiplies the longer you’ve been running your site. Could you imagine losing years of work on your website overnight?
Therefore enterprises should go to those companies who have experts in these fields in order to provide security to your data. IT Managed Solutions is a software solution company that aims to provide the best solutions to you so that it can help your business faster and at a smooth pace.

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