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08 Jan


Need software solution for your business. But it is hard to find a good company, Right? We know your concern. We know that running a business smoothly irrespective of its size and nature in this technical world is not easy at all. Speed and accuracy towards achieving business goal are what boosts business profit. That is why IT Managed Solution is providing software solution which will identify the problems and requirements, do the designing, programming and so on just to give you the best solution for your company.

The purpose of creating a software varies from client to client, It could be open source software, Embedded software, requisite of creating custom software for businesses, or anything, as clients are different so does their requirements are.

There are different methodologies that companies use and they are different from one another. IT managed solutions use the best methodology for software development in order to bring something good in business. Following is the procedure that companies could follow in order to build a good software for client.

The Process;

  • Problem Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Data gathering for the solution of the problem
  • Plan Creation
  • Implementation of the plan which includes coding of the software
  • Arrangement
  • Software testing
  • Maintaining the site and fixing of error if any

We Provide You Following Services in the Field of Software solution

  • Web development
  • Software automation
  • Bespoke software solutions


Web development is a process of developing a web site, which is accessible through the internet or an intranet. It has become necessary for almost all kind of businesses as, people need everything to be available online because it is convenient, saves time and money.

Diversification in web development is increasing day by day, every client wants something unique among its revival, and Yes! It is necessary “TO STAND OUT IN THE CROWD”. IT managed solution is one of the experienced and growing companies in the field of software development. We develop web applications which are more than just a single static page with lots of text on it, here we create complex web-based internet applications, e-commerce development, web portals, cell responsive web applications, and incorporated web apps.


If you want to have an online presence and generate more business then you should consider having a web development service because this has become the main platform for your customers, visitors, and vendors to communicate.

Among so many benefits of having a website, one of the beneficial things is that the company can be available to your customer 24/7. For example; having a physical store which is open for day time only and the customer comes by the time it is closed then definitely the customer will return. But when it comes to online presence, customers or any general public can visit the website even late night, drop a message in order to contact and get a reply, that way there are fewer chances of losing a potential customer.

It also helps your business to increase knowledge related to your product or service, cover more audience, generate more leads, and maintain the communication among you and your customers.


Whether the company is big or small, software based projects are always difficult to handle and when it comes to large projects then it definitely required much time, human resources, and also the cost which occurs mostly on the testing of the software. In this technical world where everything is quick then why to use old ways to work. Software automation will speed up the process of handling software, decrease the cost and also human resource.


It is not necessary to use software automation for every project, in some projects manual testing could cover the project and guidance should be provided by the company who is giving software automation services. But for big projects, it is must to have the services of an automation expert even if it gets a little costly as it going to save the time and bring perfection in your work.



Tired of buying software packages with unnecessary tools? With bespoke software solutions, you can get what you want, although bespoke software is suitable for all kind of business but for start-ups it is ideal to have because by having custom made software you are no longer bound to compromise. This helps you grow your business and meets the demands of your clients. These custom made software will match the requirement and it will also reduce the cost of using or buying software for your business.

Nowadays there are so many rivals out there in the market who are running the same business and who doesn’t want to be exceptional for their clients, by using bespoke software for your business you could have the competitive edge among them.

IT managed solution create custom software for your business. We design systems according to your business needs, built new software, adapted and changed as your company develops and vagaries.


Custom software is designed to fulfill the specific requirement of a company rather than buying off the whole software with some unwanted stuff.

Businesses that have a unique idea and require bespoke software to get exactly what their company needs.

Bespoke enable your team to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Perfectly made bespoke software gives your company a competitive edge.

As the business grows so the software can evolve with your business requirements.

Bespoke can be used to integrate data from your current applications

It helps your business to cope with new technology.

It reduces the business cost

IT Managed solution is one of the growing software solution company in the UK, and have quite a number of satisfying customers, we always try to please our clients by providing them with the finest solution for their business. If you want a customized software solution for your company then IT managed solution is the place for you, we have the experience of some exceptional work in this field.

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