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08 Jan


We know the trend, we know the style and we keep it up to date.

“Responsive design” is the need of the time, as we have been hearing this term a lot especially in the field of software development. Whether it is a website or an app it should be responsive. But here is a question arises, that why you need responsive web design? Let us explain to you! Nowadays you will hardly see people using big screens accept offices, there is a big ratio of people who are using mobile devices. People watch, play, work and even do shopping on their cell phones thus, whether it is a website or an app it should be responsive enough that customer can use it in their mobile phone with a flow.


Responsive design is an approach to a website that spontaneously adjusts its content and element on different devices and especially on mobile devices. Mobile devices are always on priority as they are most used device in this fast world. A responsive website keeps content to stay within device screen size and also save images from expending.

Ultimate objective of a responsive website is to give a wonderful user experience. It would spontaneously adjust according to the device dimension, must avoid excessive zooming, scrolling and navigation should also be user-friendly.

In mobile, responsive websites navigation is a very important factor, navigation should be easy because often difficult navigation could cost you potential customers who get frustrated as they can’t figure out how to navigate and how to do something. It has to be user friendly in order to retain your customers.


Who doesn’t like mobile-friendly website, when a website is more responsive, there will be more chances of user interaction towards site and definitely then to your brand or business.

With the help of a mobile responsive website, your company can generate more lead, as it is proven through research that more customers don’t want to stay or leave your website because of poor user experience.

We all know by now that a responsive website is good form user perspective but how can we forget about Google? If your company’s website is responsive for a user then there are high chances of its visibility on search engines.

You can also polish your content by using a mobile responsive website, as you can prioritize content and only important content can be visible to customer.

Bounce rate for a website is bad and we don’t want it. But why your website has a high bounce rate? It has many factors but mobile responsiveness is also one big reason. A well optimized and responsive website gives good user experience and there are more chances that they will stick to your website and bounce rate will reduce.

A responsive website is more profitable. If it has good response time, nicely visible content, & clear in size image then it will be more engaging for customers and ultimately more chances to generate sale.

Responsive web design can save you from trouble of managing two separate (Mobile & Desktop) version of your website. Managing two separate website means double effort and double cost. While you have a responsive design you can save your company from such hassle and expense.


We all know this truth that use of smartphones and other cell phones have increased tremendously and is still increasing, now people prefer to use their mobile phones first to browse, and then they shift to other devices if needed. In UK majority of people using their cell phones to shop online, to do online transaction, and also to search their nearby service stores.

A company can generate more lead as explained earlier, if you have responsive website then there are more chances that user will stay, bounce rate will decrease and that user can also become your customer.

To consider all above benefits your company needs a responsive website, it is very important and beneficial to invest in responsive web design.

If you want an engaging and responsive website then come to IT Managed solution. We will make your website responsive enough that your customer will like to stick around. We know the trend, we know the style and we keep it up to date.

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